Tyler Krys

Tyler Krys

Full stack web developer with a background in e-commerce, marketing, and sales. Digital rights advocate, frequent traveller, and eager team player. JavaScripting in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Web Development Projects

Screenshot of Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon

Jekyll | Bootstrap 4

Rollie "Cadence Weapon" Pemberton is a rapper, DJ, producer, and Edmonton's former poet laureate. The official Cadence Weapon site is a Jekyll static site with a responsive Bootstrap 4 design that displays tour dates properly on any size of device.

Current Jekyll GitHub Repo   Cadence Weapon Official Site  
Screenshot of Jekyll Portfolio

Jekyll Portfolio

Jekyll | Sass | Bootstrap 4

Originally a Node.js and Express app with a Postgres database, I recently refactored this application into a static Jekyll site served on GitHub pages to avoid Heroku dyno fees. Sass and Bootstrap are used for styling.

Current Jekyll GitHub Repo   Deprecated Express App GitHub Repo  
Screenshot of Community Calendar

Community Calendar

Node | Express | Embedded JavaScript | Postgres | Knex | Sass | Bootstrap | bcrypt | cookie-session

Community Calendar is a group project that aggregates local events for easy browsing. Registered users are able to save their favorite events and event venues. NPM packages bcrypt and cookie-session are used for user authentication. See it deployed.

GitHub Repo   Deployed App  
Screenshot of Jungle Rails

Jungle Rails

Rails | RSpec | Postgres | Sass | Bootstrap | Stripe API

A Rails e-commerce project with an inherited codebase. I added admin functionality (adding and removing products and categories with HTTP basic authentication), product reviews, and RSpec testing.

GitHub Repo  
Screenshot of Chatty App

Chatty App

Node | React | Express | WebSockets | uuid

Chatty App is a Node/React client with a matching Node/Express/WebSockets server (Chatty Server) that allows users to chat in a common chatroom in their web browser. Users can change their display names, and all messages are tagged with a UUID.

Client GitHub Repo   Server GitHub Repo  
Screenshot of WikiMaps


Node | Express | Embedded JavaScript | Postgres | Knex | Sass | Bootstrap | bcrypt | cookie-session

A group Node and Express app that uses the Google Maps JavaScript API to let users plot points on maps for sharing. The site is styled with Bootstrap and Sass using a mobile-first approach. User authentication is achieved with bcrypt and cookie-session.

GitHub Repo  
Screenshot of Tweeter


Node | Express | jQuery | MongoDB | Vanillicon API

Tweeter is a single page app that uses jQuery and MongoDB to store and present Twitter-like tweets dynamically. The Vanillicon API is used to select random avatars for the tweets.

GitHub Repo  
Screenshot of TinyApp


Node | Express | Embedded JavaScript | bcrypt | cookie-session

A Bitly-like URL shortening service built with Node and Express and templated with EJS. User authentication is accomplished with bcrypt and cookie-session.

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Screenshot of GitHub Avatar Downloader

GitHub Avatar Downloader

Node | Dotenv | request | GitHub API

A Node app that consumes the GitHub API to pipe the avatar JPEGs of project contributors into a local directory.

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